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Performance /Practical Tests carried out is based on the following:

  Manipulative Skills to handle tools & equipment
  Speed in doing work
  Accuracy maintained
  Quality in workmanship
  Sequence of Performance
  Economical use of materials
  Neatness & House keeping
  Ability to follow Manuals/ Written instructions

Assessment Parameters also includes:


  for equipment, tools & material
  for limitation of use of tools & equipment
  of methods & procedure

  of functioning of equipment & tool
  criteria to be used in selecting tools for a given tasks
  the process of measurement

  Precision   -   Finishing to required measurement
  Computing     Handling measurements & calculations
  Manual        Handling tools & equipment with ease
  Finishing     Neat ?nishing

   To take corrective steps
  To use correct work habits
   To take measurements
   To complete the job within stipulated time
   To adopt safe practices

   towards the work
   regarding appreciation for accurate & precise work
   regarding appreciation for neatness
   towards co-workers and supervisors

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